Assets inspection

You have relocated your valuable assets of your company to Indonesia and entrusted your local partner to maintain and manage the assets. For the benefits of your business forecast you need to ensure:

  • Assets physically available
  • Function and fitness conform to its intended purposes
  • Capacity to perform its purpose still within expectation
  • Potential issues might disrupt the operation

With Arcon, we work to help you to have better understanding of assets condition for you to make certain operational decision.

Our assets inspection services cover various field of industries . We conduct the following inspections:

Asset Conformance
This is to make sure your asset physically available by inspecting asset detail data, physical appearances and the location.

Function and Fitness
Assess whether the functions of the asset are fulfilling your expectation, fit enough to continue operation and for you to calculate its capacity. At the same time, problems and potential issues will be in your hand for you to make business disposition accordingly.