Factory Audit

Your suppliers will naturally make claims about how they operate and what systems are in place for quality management, environmental management, compliance with labor laws, etc.

Hiring a neutral third-party auditor to go to the factory gives you a more complete picture and allows you to verify any claims a supplier might make or to verify they are up to your standards.

For example, an audit could help you to:

  • Decide whether a particular supplier will serve as a suitable long-term partner for your needs.
  • Improve efficiency as well as quality in your supply chain by influencing management
  • Ensure that your supply chain is free of problematic social or environmental issues

With Arcon, we help you to ensure that the suppliers you work with are compliant with all applicable regulations and meet your standards for quality.

We provide a wide range of quality assurance services to importers. Our audit services cover a number of different areas. We conduct the following types of audits:

Capability Audit
Conducted to ensure a supplier has the capability to fully meet your manufacturing requirements and complete your orders on time.

Quality Audit
Conducted to assess the effectiveness of a supplier’s Quality Management System (QMS).

Social Compliance Audit
Conducted to verify compliance with any applicable labor laws and universally-held standards for worker treatment.

Environmental Audit
Conducted to assess a supplier’s environmental management system to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and high environmental standards.